Several angel tattoo designs including Angel and demon 2 in 1 free tattoo designs

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This tattoo design is composed with one wing of angel and one wing of demon, representing the contradictions of personality.
An arm tattoo showing an angel resting on a rock
This Italian guy came to a tattoo artist in Taiwan. He asked the artist to get this design inked on him. This tattoo is similar to the famous painting Virgin of the Rocks.
This tattoo design comes from a oil painting, however, it only uses two colors-white and black, plus the natural human skin color. At the first glance, it looks like a "ink and wash painting", which is an East Asian type of brush painting. Putting a large scale oil painting on a non plane human body is also a challenge.
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This free tattoo design is a hybrid. The girl is from Luis Royo who is a Spanish artist, known for his darkly sensual paintings of women and mechanical life forms. The wings are from angels.
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dancing angel tattoo design
This tattoo design is a dancing angel - girls like to have this kind of design inked.
a muscular angel tattoo on the back
This free tattoo shows an unusually muscular angel, which is not common since angel is considered as sexless.