KOI tattoo designs

This is Koi tattoo design. In China, Koi in the yellow river have golden skin and after they swim through a water fall, ancient people believe they become Chinese dragons and fly to the heaven.
This amazing bodyart used a newly developed piercing technology. Nice studio and artist.

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See the Lotus in this tattoo design? From ancient times the lotus has been a divine symbol in Hindu tradition. It is often used as an example of divine beauty.

The KOI is the fortune symbol in Chinese culture. Together with lotus, you get fortune and beauty, haha!
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Original tattoo:

original free design of tattoo

With sketch on:

free sketched fish tattooFinal version:

Perfect combination of fine art sense and super technique makes this fantastic tattoo.
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A leg tattoo showing two KOI fishes jumping
A tattoo about netted KOI.
koi tattoo design on the hip
Koi is a very amazing creature in Chinese culture - it can transform to be a dragon when it fights hard enough. That is why koi tattoo is kinda popular in China
koi fish tattoo design on the arm
Another koi fish tattoo design!
koi fish full back tattoo design
A popular tattoo design in China - Koi fish full back.
full body koi fish tattoo design

full body koi fish tattoo design

This is a Koi fish tattoo.  In Japanese, 'koi' is a homophone for another word that means 'affection' or 'love'; koi are therefore symbols of love and friendship in Japan. An example of this is given in a short story by Mukoda Kuniko, "Koi-san". Koi tattoos have also become a popular trend in North America.
KOI fish tattoo design on the arm
 A printable tattoo featuring a koi fish jumping over the water in the hope of becoming a dragon. See the meaning of the KOI fish tattoo.
koi fish tattoo on the leg
Interesting color.
KOI fish tattoo design on the arm with a lotus flower
A colorful KOI fish tattoo design. It is interesting that KOI fish tattoo is always accompanied by a lotus flower, making it very zenic.

There is another KOI fish tattoo on the leg.