Cat tattoo designs

A paint-like tattoo design.
free cat tattoo design on the back from comic books
A cute tattoo tattoo from comic books.
A skinny and angry cat tattoo below the shoulder
This tattoo is a very unusual design of cat. The common cat image is always cute. This tattoo is exactly the opposite of cute.
Cat tattoo on the back
This cat tattoo is so exquisite - more like a statue, the shadow, the shape, the lines, looking really beautiful.
cat tattoo on the back with moon

A masterpiece of cat tattoo designs. The moon, the eyes, the cloud all indicate that this cat in the tattoo are from a magic world.
cat tattoo design, X-man tattoo, cat lady
A cute cat tattoo for girls. It is interesting how the body piercing can create this kind of light and shadow effects. This tattoo is also a good approximation for the cat lady in X-man.
cat tattoo design on the shoulder
A totem-like cat tattoo design. Girls must like it.
cougar tattoo design on the arm
Is this really a cat? probably more like a cougar tattoo