Phoenix tattoo collections

This tattoo design is phoenix, which is a mythical bird that dies in flames and is reborn from the ashes. In China, the phoenix is called Fenghuang, and is the second most-respected legendary creature (second to the dragon), mostly used to represent the empress. The phoenix is the leader of birds. In Japan, the phoenix is called hō-ō(kanji) or fushichō (Immortal Bird).
It is a little bit weird to get a phoenix tattoo on a man though.

We have seen on guys. That is a fabulous tattoo however it is a little weird to be on a man. These phoenix tattoo designs are much sexier on girls.
We have seen some before, now here is a more breathtaking one.
magnificent full back phoenix tattoo
This phoenix tattoo is more magnificent than previous phoenix tattoos. It covers the whole back feels like alive.
Tribal type red phoenix tattoo on the arm
A red tattoo, uncommon design, similar as Chinese paper cutting.
A tribal shape colorful phoenix tattoo on the hip
Another colorful tattoo. Beautiful lines and colors.
phoenix tattoo design on the arm
A beautiful free phoenix tattoo design on the arm. It is actually hard to see as a Phoenix, but the typical feathers show what this really is.
phoenix tattoo design on the leg
A very exquisite phoenix tattoo design on the leg.

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